Arnold Army

Arnold's Army

Arnold's Army

My name is Conan Angelo and I was a stuntman and massage therapist for the movies Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. In this newly published book written by Randy Jennings my story how I became one of Arnold's fighting friend is featured.

Arnolds Army Book

This book is about Arnold's friends and fans.

Arnolds Army 3
Arnolds Army 2 Arnolds Army 1

Total Recall Front Cover

Here's what Arnold said about Me in His Autobiography

Inside Total Recall


Conan Angelo

The true barbarian tale how I got into the movie Conan the Barbarian

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Arnold's top fan site

I'm included in the music video supporting Arnold made by the top Schwarzenegger website

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The music video:

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Conan the Barbarian comic books made me a bellydancer